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(haircuts include a dry consultation, a relaxing scalp massage with shampoo and conditioner finishing with a blowout)

haircuts  $55+

clipper cut $30

blowout $38+

curling/flatiron $15+


color only $68+

for root only touch ups

color haircut & blowout $122+

color refresh ends $30

when your ends are feeling dull & faded and need to be refreshed 


mini foil $54+

 face framing foils 

partial foil $90+

top and sides 

full foil $135+

complete head of highlights

balayage $58-300+

balayage is a customized lightening service

we offer mini, partial & full balayages

 we recommend you consult with one of our stylists to define what is best for you

gloss $30+

most lightening services will require a gloss

we use kevin.murphy gloss that goes way beyond just shine

the vegan, vitamin c packed formula will deeply moisturize your hair and improve strength every time we use it.

bold vivid colors $120 per hour

requires consultation 



keratin treatment  $300+

we use Keratin Complex treatments that 

eliminates frizz, increases manageability, repairs damage 

keratin express $200+

 for our not so frizzy guests helps with manageability in half the time 

perms $90-140+

we recommend a consult price changes on length and thickness of your hair


metal detox $32

instantly removes buildup from hard water, chlorine, hair product and environmental buildup

everyone needs this detox treatment 


deep conditioning/ K18 treatments $30

formulated specifically for what your hair needs



scalp services DO NOT include a blowdry 

15 minutes $28

30 minutes $40

 massaging your scalp offers both therapeutic and general 

health benefits


promotes hair growth

reduces muscle tension

lowers blood pressure 

improves nervous system

boosts memory and concentration


this luxurious service will have you washing your worries away in no time & is super easy to add on to any service

to help you unwind completely our Scalp Massage will include a heated lavender eye mask along with shampoo and deep conditioner.



25 minutes $50+

50 minutes $100+

this service is more then just pure relaxation

we help restore your scalp with removing any buildup and scraping away the past so your scalp can heal

( at home care may be necessary )

you will get all the benefits of a scalp massage while treating your

dry, oily or itchy scalp

 you will receive a warm lavender eye mask while our magic fingers

go to work with a remedy formulated specially for you. 

*a hand paraffin wax is included with scalp services


gratuity is never expected but highly appreciated in cash
all prices listed are are subject to change and can fluctuate with length and texture of your hair
we recommend booking a FREE consultation 

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